How Meetly works

For better or worse, our calendars run our lives, and we spend a lot of time keeping those calendars organized. Meetly tries to piggy back on top of that organizational work, so that you're not duplicating efforts or having to manage yet another tool.

Think of Meetly as a notes extension for your Google or Microsoft calendar. 

Once you connect your calendar to our service, we pull in all of your calendar events and create "workspaces" that allow you to take notes for each of your meetings.

Your notes are automatically titled with the name of the meeting and anyone who is included on the calendar invite has access to that workspace so that you can take collaborative notes. If the meeting name or time gets updated in your calendar, those changes will automatically be reflected in Meetly.

How to take notes

After you have connected your calendar, just click on a meeting and you'll be dropped into that meeting's workspace where you can start adding notes.

Meetly doesn't let you create meetings or take notes that are not attached to an event in your calendar. If you want to take notes for a meeting, you first have to create the meeting in your calendar, then refresh the calendar page in Meetly, and that meeting will appear.

To start taking notes for an upcoming meeting, just click on the meeting in our calendar view. Want to view old notes from a previous meeting? Just find it on the calendar and we'll show you everything that was written down that day.

Using Meetly without connecting a calendar

Meetly is most powerful when you connect a calendar, it is still possible to use the tool without granting meetly full access to your calendar.

Go into your Google or Microsoft calendar and add to the meeting you would like to take notes for. Then go back to Meetly and refresh the calendar page. The meeting should now appear on the page. Click on the meeting to start taking notes.

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