Request agenda items via email (no Meetly account required)

If you don't want to force your team to adopt "yet another productivity tool", you can opt for soliciting agenda items from meeting participants via email.

How it works

1) Apply an automation rule to the meeting you want to gather agenda items for. Once you set the rule, Meetly will automatically send an email to meeting participants before the meeting begins.

2) Meeting participants respond to the autogenerated email from Meetly with the agenda item they would like to submit.

3) Meetly updates your meeting agenda with the submitted item.

How to set it up

Visit the workspace for the meeting you want people to contribute agenda items to and click on the Automations button at the top of the screen:

In the Automations modal, you want to set the Collect agenda items rule:

If the meeting is recurring, you can apply the rule for the Entire series (i.e. all future occurrences) or just This meeting (i.e. the particular meeting occurrence that you are viewing). You can choose when the email is sent out. By default, the email will be sent 1 hour before the meeting begins.

How participants submit via email

Meeting participants will receive an autogenerated email from Meetly – at the time you indicate – asking them to add to that meeting's agenda. If agenda items have already been added, they will be included in the email. It will look something like this:

When they click on the Submit agenda item via email link at the bottom of the email body, an pre-populated email will appear:

IMPORTANT: Participants must type in between the lines of ********** in order for the item to be properly formatted. See the image above.

Once the email has been sent, Meetly will process it and update the meeting's agenda automatically.

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