Copy and paste an entire meeting

DISCLAIMER: The copy-paste technique described below is more of a "hack" than a planned out feature... so please don't judge us if it feels a bit wonky :-)

To learn more about how Templates can be used, click here 👉 how to create and apply custom templates.

Copying the meeting notes

Technically, you won't be copying any meeting notes. Rather, you're going to be creating a template from an existing meeting that you can then apply to another meeting.

To get started, go to the workspace you want to copy. Then click on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner:

Then click on the "Save as template" option:

You'll be prompted to choose a name for your template. You can just use the title of the meeting, since you'll probably want to delete this template after you've used it to port the notes to a new meeting (unless you plan on reusing the template again, of course).

Pasting the notes to a new meeting

Technically, you aren't "pasting" notes anywhere. You're going to apply the template you just created to the meeting where you would like the notes to be copied to.

Visit the meeting where you would like the add the notes and then click on the same three dots in the upper-right corner of the workspace. But this time, you're going to click on the "Apply a template" option:

You'll be prompted with the Template popup that shows you all the available templates. You'll want to open the My Templates folder at the bottom of the list in order to access the template that you just created:

Once you apply the template, all the notes will be copied to that workspace.

IMPORTANT: Be aware that applying a template to a meeting will override any existing notes that are already in the meeting. So if you're going to copy and paste notes in this way, be sure to follow these steps before you start adding content to that second meeting.

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