Copy and paste list items from one card to another

There are two types of card types available for taking notes in Meetly: note-type cards and list-type cards. Because list-type cards offer added functionality – like assigning people and adding due dates – you can't just highlight them to copy and paste, like you can with a regular note-type card. You'll need to use the copy/paste tool.

How to copy 1 or multiple list items

To get started, click on the 3 dots to the far right of the list item:

Then click "Copy item"

Then you need to select all the items you want to add to the clipboard by clicking on the "+" icon next to the item. If the "+" is blue, that means it is ready to be copied.

You can also select all the items at once:

Once you've added one or more items to the clipboard, you'll need to click on "Copy" or "Cut", depending on what you want to do:

Pasting items in the same meeting – or in a different meeting

Once you've copied/cut items from a card, you'll see the option to "Paste" those items on other cards in that workspace.

But you are NOT LIMITED to pasting items only in that workspace. If you navigate to another meeting, you will be able to paste the items there as well.

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