Why does Meetly need my calendar credentials?

Meetly is a platform for taking notes that is powered by your calendar. That is to say, you can't create notes from scratch. You can only take notes by clicking on a meeting in your calendar.

We do this to save you time (we automatically title your notes for you based on the calendar event) and to keep your notes organized (simply click on the meeting you were in to view the notes you took there.

Meetly also allows you to turn on automations that, for example, will collect agenda items before a future meeting starts. We can only do this if you connect your calendar to your Meetly account.

Meetly doesn't store your calendar information, we only store the notes you take and the reference to the meeting that they are attached to in your calendar.

Still have questions about security? We don't blame you! Check out our security and privacy policy and if you still have questions, contact us at security@runmeetly.com or chat with us using the button in the lower-right corner of the screen.

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