Getting Started

How Meetly works

Meetly is a meeting notes automation tool that is powered by your Google or Microsoft calendar. Meetly pulls in all of your meetings and allows you to take notes that stay linked with those meetings. Any notes you take in Meetly will always be attached to a meeting in your calendar. If you want to add, remove or change a meeting, go to your calendar, make the changes, then those changes will automatically be reflect in Meetly.. (To learn more, check out the How Meetly Works article.)

How Meetly works inside

Meetly offers you several ways to integrate your calendar with Monday and to take powerful meeting notes that you can push to different boards.

Adding Views to a board

There are several views that allow you to view and edit meeting notes inside Monday.

Smart Meeting Notes (Board View)  

This dedicated board view lets you view your MS or Google Calendar events on the left and take structured notes for each of your meetings on the right.

How to add this board view:

To learn more, checkout How to add meeting notes as a board view

Smart Meeting Notes (Item View) 
This view lets you associate one or more meetings with a Monday item and take notes in the sidebar (on a board’s Main Table view). For more info, checkout the article Link meeting notes to Monday items.

Import Calendar Events (Board View) 
This view simply lets you import calendar events onto a board as Monday items. Meetly autogenerates columns for the meeting name, start time, end time, internal attendees and external attendees. Once the meeting is pulled on to a board, it does NOT stay in sync with your calendar. Any changes you make to the item in Monday (the name, time or attendee list) will NOT be reflected in your calendar. We're working on bringing that functionality to the app soon though :-)

How to add the "Import Calendar Events" view:

Calendar (Widget)
Add a widget to your Dashboard that lets you view your calendar. Meeting Notes (Monday board template)
The Meetly board template “Meeting Notes” combines all of the Meetly features on a single board. This template is great if you want to store all your meeting notes on a single board.

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