Link meeting notes to Monday items

This article explains how to add the Meetly Item View to a board, so that you can take meeting notes for an item in the Item View side panel.

To learn how to view your calendar and take notes in a board view, check out this article.

Add the Meetly Item View to you board

If you have meetings represented as items on a board, you can associate those items to actual meetings on your calendar and take notes for them inside of Monday.

To do that, click on an item and then "Add view":

In the Item Views Center, add the Meetly widget:

Click on the "Smart Meeting Notes" view you just added:

Sign into Meetly

You'll need to connect your Microsoft or Google account so that Meetly can pull in all your calendar events.

Clicking on a meeting to add it to the item

You'll be dropped on the "Add Meeting" tab. When you click on a meeting, it will be linked to that Monday item and you'll be dropped on the Notes tab where you can take notes. You can add more than one meeting to an item, if you need to.

View all meetings linked to an item

Any time you click on a meeting in the "Add Meeting" tab it will be added to the "Linked Meetings" tab.

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