Link Meetly cards to a board

You can connect a card in a meeting "workspace" to a group of items on a Monday board so that the card and the group stay in sync.

Add a new card

First let's add a new card

Add choose the New List option

Then rename the card to whatever you want – most likely you'll want to call it by the Board/Group name that you're going to connect the card to.

Link card to Monday board

Click on the "Link card to board" button

Once you've chosen which board and group you'd like this card to be linked to, click Continue

The next screen will ask you to map the information types in Meetly to columns in If this is the first time you are linking a Meetly card to this particular Monday board, you'll need to create new columns – if the column name has an asterisk (*) next to it, that means Meetly will be adding it as a new column in the destination board in Monday.

For reference, this is what that item information refers to:

Two-way sync

Once a card is connected to a Monday board/group, it will pull in any items that already exist in the board/group. It will also automatically push any items that you add to the card directly into the group in Monday.

A connected card is a two-way sync, so whether you update the card in Meetly, or the board in Monday, both views will show the same updated information.

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