[Automation] Create an event on your calendar from an item on a board

Meetly doesn't just let you take meeting notes and link those to Monday boards and Monday items. You can also add Meetly automations to a board that are powered by your calendar.

This article will show you how to add a button to a board that will convert a board item into a meeting on your calendar. To learn how to automatically create a new item on a board based on the start time of a meeting on your calendar, read this article.

Step 1: Add necessary columns to your board

Meetly's create calendar event automation needs certain pieces of information in order to work properly. You'll need to make sure you have the following columns (with the appropriate data type):

*Start Time (Date)

*End Time (Date)

*Participants (People)

*Send to Calendar (Button)

*Meeting URL (Link)

NOTE: to find the data types for Button and Link, you'll have to select the More columns menu item and type "button" and "link" into the search bar:

Once you've added all the needed columns, your board should look like this:

Now it's time to add the Meetly Automation that will power the "Send to Calendar" button that you just added to your board.

Open the Integration Center

Add the Meetly App for Google or Microsoft

Type "Meetly" into the search bar to find the Meetly app. We have two different integrations, depending on which calendar you want to connect to. Select the Google or Microsoft version.

Add automation to board

We currently have two automations available. Choose the one called "When Button is clicked create a calendar event that starts at Start Time, ends at End Time, and invite Participants. Add link to the event to Meeting URL".

Map automation fields to board columns

To configure this rule, map all the automation fields to the corresponding columns that you just created on your board.

Add time element to the date fields

You'll need to toggle on the time element for the Start Time and End Time columns in order to set those values for your meeting start and end times.

Add all necessary values for a new meeting

To create a new meeting on your calendar, make sure you set all the values in each of the columns (except for the Meeting URL –– that will be autogenerated after you trigger the automation by clicking the Send to Calendar button).

Turn your item into an event on your calendar (finally!)

Once you've filled in all the necessary item fields, click the "Send to Calendar" button and Meetly will create an item on your calendar and anyone in the Participants column will be added to the meeting and receive a calendar invite.


More automations

To learn about how automatically create an item on a Monday board based on a calendar event, checkout this article:

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