[Automation] Create an item before a calendar event starts

Meetly doesn't just let you take meeting notes and link those to Monday boards and Monday items. You can also add Meetly automations to a board that are powered by your calendar.

This article will show you how to automatically create a new item on a board based on the start time of a meeting on your calendar. To learn how to add a button to a board that will convert a board item into a meeting on your calendar, read this article.

Add date columns to board for Start Time and End Time

The first thing you need to do is to add columns that will eventually hold the values for your meeting Start Time and End Time.

Make sure the columns for Start Time and End Time are Date type columns:

Open the Integration Center

The next step is to open the Integration Center so you can add the Meetly App integration to your board.

Add the Meetly App for Google or Microsoft

Type "Meetly" into the search bar to find the Meetly app. We have two different integrations, depending on which calendar you want to connect to. Select the Google or Microsoft version.

Choose an automation

We currently have two automations available. Choose the one called "Duration before Calendar Event create an item on board".

Set duration

Choose when you want the item created

Choose the meeting

The meeting you choose will trigger the item creation and set item name (which you will map in the next section)

Map the meeting info to board columns

First, open the mapping modal by clicking on the "item" text:

For the item Name column, map it to the "Meeting Title" field

For the Start Time column, map it to the "Start Time" field

For the End Time column, map it to the "End Time" field

After you've mapped all the fields, you can add the rule to the board:

You're all set!

Your automation is created and turned on for this board.


More automations

To learn how to convert an item on a board into a meeting and place it on your calendar, check out this article:

[Automation] Create an event on your calendar from an item on a board

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